Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cheesey Stuffin' Muffins!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all my American readers! (and hello to everyone else:). I know this is a [mostly] beauty blog, but I really wanted to share with you the results of the dish I made for the work potluck yesterday! As someone at work pointed out, writing about food really has nothing to do with glitter or gloss or glaze; but it has to do with me and I want to share it:)

A little background: most years I make my broccoli cheese casserole for these things. Last year, I had a bad experience. I'm not sure what happened; I think I baked it too long or something and it was soooo dry, I've refused to make it for public audiences (and really now only make it for my mom:). So this year, I had to try something new! I was going to make my (world famous) snicker doodles! But there were too many desserts... so I was going to make my delish sweet potato marshmallow casserole... nope, someone else was bringing that. I was at a loss! So I was told, "Can you make stuffing?" Can *I*make stuffing???!?!?!?!

Well. No. Not really. In fact, I'd *never* done it before; but really, how hard could it possibly be?!?!

I spent alllll weekend looking for the perfect recipe! However, every recipe had a million (exaggeration) ingredients and I'm more of a 5 ingredient kind of gal. So, I checked out Stove Top (obviously, if they could make stuffing in a box they should have some stuffing recipes right?)

And I stumbled upon the Cheesey Stufin' Muffins (they call them Cheesy Stuffing Cups; I modified the name so they sounded more fun;). And here is how it went:

Started with melting butter in a pan and added chopped celery til it was a "crispy tender." Next, I added the water and brought to boil. After the water boiled, I removed from heat and added the Stove Top stuffing, nuts, and dried cranberries.
I mixed in the cheese and eggs and they were ready to go into the cupcake pans!
Sprinkled a little extra cheese on top and they were into the oven!
They came out all melted and cheesey and fabulous!!
I packaged them up and off we went! Unfortunately, they weren't hot by lunchtime at work; but they still went really fast! So yay! Success!!

If you want the real recipe, you can find it from Stove Top here! And the whole process took me just about a half hour! If you're looking for a last minute stuffing recipe, I highly recommend this! 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! And Happy Cooking!!!


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  1. WOW those sound really really amazing!!!
    I want one!



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