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I love having guest posters! It's always fun to give someone else the spotlight and help share their blog with my readers. Plus, it gives me a break from blogging all the time;)

If you'd like to guest post for me sometime, please fill out the below form and I will be in touch with you to discuss your topic and determine when you can post. I only ask that you follow some of the guidelines I present here:
  1. You can write about anything you want, providing it fits into the overall feel of my blog (i.e. reviews, makeup looks, nail design, etc.) Just submitting a post does not guarantee that it will make it to my blog.
  2. I request that you please don't post it on your blog 'til at least 30 days after hosting it on my blog for it to get the proper attention when I post it.
  3. By guest posting on my blog, you give me the rights to use it in its entirety as well as in portion if I choose to quote from it at another point in time whether it be on my blog or other social media tools.

For examples of past guest posts you can check out these fabulous girls' posts!:

Arielle's Interview Outfit Tips June 5, 2012
Lizzy's Crochet Project May 28, 2012
Aly's Top 11 Products April 18, 2012
Arielle's Hair Tips Feb 13, 2012

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