Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Q&A Day--Who am I???

Hey everyone!! As usual, today is question and answer day--something I try to do every Wednesday here at Glitter, Gloss, and Glaze. Today's question isn't beauty related and isn't from any one particular reader, but rather a question on many people's minds and perhaps even one you've asked yourself.

Q. K, who are you really??

A. Well, it's a completely understandable question. You can Google any product or review or subject or tutorial and get any number of blogs to read. Inevitably, you want to know about the person who wrote the blog. Who are they really? What do they really know? Are they like me? We've all done that.. after reading the post Google directed us to, we click on the "About Me" page to see what we can learn.

When I first started this blog, I didn't even have a picture of me; I had a clip art picture. It was easier to start behind a pseudonym just in case people didn't like me ;) I wasn't sure if I wanted people I knew in real life to be able to read things I thought. I mean, no matter what the reason, everything came down to what if no one likes me?? Or worse, what if no one reads it!!!

Two months in, I know people I know in real life read it (or so they say hahaha:). I keep gaining followers (thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me:) So apparently, there are people that read this and do like me. Success!!

So I figure I owe it to you, my lovely readers--whomever you are and wherever you may be--to know who I really am:)

I'm Kristen! Hello, hello, nice to meet you:) I really am 28 and I live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, United States. This is my second time I'm living in Florida. I graduated from college a few years back with a degree in Communication. I have a fabulous job that I love (most of the time) and have some lovely friends outside of work. I'm very outgoing; but I find as I get older I prefer to have more time by myself instead of going out alllll the time. I've been playing with make up and polishes for more than half my life. I believe that not everyone NEEDS makeup (some really DO) but everyone can look better with it if used properly. I love reading but find that I don't make nearly enough effort to spend time on doing that. I enjoy scrapbooking and have boxes and boxes of pictures that desperately want to be organized. I recently started knitting and am having so much fun with that.

I'm sure as we continue down this road of getting to know each other you'll learn even more well-known and little-known facts about me.

So! Tell me about yourself! Leave a note and some interesting fact about you in the comments! Let's get to know each other:)


  1. YEA for K!!! (except the knitting) we are so wonder why we're friends :)

  2. Hi Kristen, My name is Minnie :D People tell me all the time, "Minnie, you like so unapproachable but then you start talking and you're the nicest person!"

    P.S were twitter friends too! LOL :D

  3. @MommyintheMaking lol I love that we're friends:) But when we first met, I would've never guessed we were so alike;) I'm so thankful we've become as close as we are!:)

    @Minnie I think that happens to girls a lot! So many girls can come off as snotty or unapproachable when really they're just shy or something else:) I'm very glad we're friends on Twitter! You're one of my faves:)

  4. I have a degree in Communications as well, although, I do not have a job I love, lol! Jealous you get to live in sunny Florida! I hope one day to relocate there!

  5. Well if you ever make it to Florida, we can definitely hang out:)



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