Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sinful Colors Extra Shiny Lipgloss Review

Happy Thursday, friends! OMG, this has only been a three day work week and it feels like it's been going on forever!!! Hope you're having a fab week and have something super planned for the weekend and the New Year's festivities!! I know the schedule says Thursdays are lips or eyes days and I've been doing lips only the past few weeks (however, you will recall that I'm a lipgloss addict, so I think this was to be expected;) I do have some eye products I'm ready to review, but I really wanted to talk about these lip glosses first!

So Hayley7363 posted a video last week and claimed these lip glosses were the "best drugstore lip gloss that I have ever used!" Now, I heart Hayley a lot and I really trust her judgment (plus, I find that I love a lot of the same stuff she loves) so I knew I just had to try these myself!

I went to the Walgreens closest to me and there was only one left. *sigh* I was so disheartened since I was so excited about getting them!! I asked the Beauty Advisor if they had any others anywhere... no... that was it. *sigh* But have no fear! Where I live there are Walgreens on nearly every street corner! So, I went to another one and found a display that still had a bunch left!! I picked up 4 colors all in the pink family: Virginia Beach, Creamsicle Cream, Fushia, and Wink:
with flash (to see sparkle)
no flash

Fushia, Creamsicle Cream, Virginia Beach, Wink (flash)

Fushia, Creamsicle Cream, Virginia Beach, Wink (no flash)
I swatched each of them so you can see the colors, but I must say, Hayley wasn't that far off when she talked about how wonderful they are. It really is the perfect consistency of gloss and color. It's not gloopy or sticky or runny or watery... It has pretty well staying power; I do re-apply throughout the day, but it's not so excessive that it feels out of the ordinary. Now, it does come off pretty easily too.. there are lip marks on every cup I drink out of now;) And be careful who you kiss 'cause you might just be marking that up too lol:)
There is a light sweet smell... almost like frosting... but really no flavor when applied. You can wear them alone or over other colors. I've only been wearing them alone right now, and I looooove how they look.

Fushia is still a little much for me... it's both bright and dark all at the same time (which I know sounds crazy, but that's how I feel when I wear it.) Wink, a soft pink with very little glitter, is by far my all time favorite; and I'll probably run to Walgreens to pick up at least another Wink 'cause I know I'm going to go through it fast!! Virginia Beach and Creamsicle Cream are similar shades with Virginia Beach being a little more "frosty" or lighter and more glimmery (pretty sure that's not a word; but it definitely works to describe it:)

Overall, I would say definitely go to Walgreens (more than one if needed) and pick a couple of these up. Did I mention they're only $1.99???

Have you tried these glosses yet? What brand would you say is your all time favorite drug store lip gloss??


  1. Fuschia looks so fun!! Virginia Beach's no flash shot looks like my MAC's Pinkarat Lustreglass and for 2 bucks...a great sub in a bind!

  2. I am obsessed with Sinful Color nailpolish and I have yet to locate any of these lipglosses at my local Walgreens but thanks to your swatches I know now what colors I'd pick up if I ever do find them! =)

  3. Oh Amy Lyn I hope you find them!!! And I hope Walgreens sees they're popular and restocks them!! I love their polish too! So many colors and so cheap you can buy lots without spending lots!!:)



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