Sunday, November 20, 2011

My *new* Nail Polish Storage Rack!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment is here! The unveiling of my completely new (and slightly remodeled/refurbished) nail polish storage rack!!! Before showing you the final product (okay, scroll down if you honestly cannot wait any longer:), I want to show you how it got to be what it is today!

So here it was in the beginning when I rescued it from the fateful demise of the neighbor's trash pile...
Next step was to sand down the surface so that the new paint would have something to stick to. I used some steel wool for this process.
After sanding, I brought it back into the house to cut out the "shelves" for it. For this I used Craftsman Foam Drawer Liners--it's thicker and harder than cardboard, but wasn't as expensive or as hard to use as wood would have been!
After the shelves were all cut and fitted to size, it was time to start painting!!
The first paint was a black base coat/primer. One can covered the entire piece.
It was fast drying paint then was time for the pink!!! It smelled like bubble gum, and really made quite a mess. But it was TOTALLY worth it!!
Of course I couldn't just stop with plain pink! I had to add a layer of sparkle!!!
The pictures just don't do it justice! 
Anyway, so here it is... with shelves and polish... I present to you....

 My *NEW* Nail Polish Storage Rack!!!

Everything is organized by colors. Top shelf is files, polish remover, buffers, other supplies. Then it's whites, creams, and neutrals. Next is blue and greens. Then purples and pinks. Pinks and reds (yes, I have a lot of pink!). Last is black, silver/sparkles, oranges and yellows. And there is still room for more!!! Since it's right by the window, I know the light kinda throws it off some. I'll try to take some more pictures tonight!! :)

It's definitely a nice improvement from how I was storing all my nail polish:


  1. Me too!! It's not nearly as stressful finding the color I want now;)

  2. looks a mini nail salon! great job K..and C ;)

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm very pleased with it!!:)

  4. It looks great!! Wish I had that kind of creative vision.



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