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UPDATE: ***As of July, 2013, this blog is currently closed to future postings. I am keeping it open for all the other posts stored here. I am still active on social media, so you can find me almost anywhere! I continue to post nail art and makeup pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

I had just some basic boring stuff about myself here; but when I saw the page views were increasing on the "About Me" page, I figured it was time to write some interesting stuff so you'd all have more to read!

Basics first, my name is Kristen and I live in Tampa, Florida. I grew up outside Pittsburgh, and before you ask--no, I do not miss the snow:) I miss very few things from the North with the exception of fall fashion! I used to get so excited when it would get cool enough that I could start wearing boots and hats and scarves and layer my clothes and wear cute cold weather accessories. That rarely happens in Florida. But I enjoy the sun and the beach so I really don't miss it that much;)

I've been blogging since October, 2011, and really started only on a whim because I needed a new hobby. I'd been following some other beauty bloggers and YouTube girls and thought, hey, I could do that. So I started one day, and look how far I've come!;) 

I love sooo many beauty products! Both cheap, drugstore brands and some high ends companies. I tend to buy more cheaper stuff ('cause I can buy more of it;) and I'm on a budget! I *love* Hard Candy, Nyx, and Maybelline. With the exception of a few "expensive" items (MAC and Urban Decay) almost everything I've been wearing lately is from one of those three companies.

I also love painting my nails and playing around with nail art! (Make sure you check out my "Nail Challenge" tab to see the weekly challenges I've been participating.) My favorite brands are Sinful Colors and OPI. I need to stop buying pink polish.... lol

I've always loved writing and used to want to be an author or a journalist when I grew up. Blogging seems like a natural fit because I can write about what *I* want and not have to worry about if it sucks or not 'cause my livelihood does not depend on it lol. 

I also wanted to be an actress when I grew up (on Broadway; not in Hollywood. The stage is so much more powerful to me:) But my dad told me I shouldn't go to school for theater, that I needed to do something "more realistic." ... My degree is in Communication Arts. It was as close to theater as I could get, but still use it for a "real job" some day. lol. I was still in a play nearly every semester I was in college, so it worked out for everyone. Hahaha.

Let's see, what else would you like to know? Oh! So I'm very fair skinned with cool pink undertones. My natural hair color is light brown and my eyes are the color of muddy puddles (mostly brown with flecks of green). I'm telling you this so when you see swatches or makeup done on me, you can kind of get an idea of how it may look on you. Not all makeup looks good on everyone!:) 

Annnnnd I think that's enough for now:) If you ever want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me via email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever! I'm pretty easy to reach:)

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Kristen


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