Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Q&A: Glitter Removal? The Foil Method!

Today's question comes from on of my dearest friends @DivaMommyTweets who is documenting her first pregnancy at "A Mommy in the Making" blog If you haven't seen it yet, you should totally check it out! We are just days away from finding out the sex of her baby! (I'm thinking BOY but we will hae to wait and see!!)

So on to the Q&A!

Q: I have such a hard time removing glitter polishes. I'll usually just rub polish remover on them and buff the rest out. Do you have a better way to do it?

A: Thanks so much for your question, Diva, I must say that glitter polishes are some of my favorites!! I love small glitter, big glitter, silver glitter, colored glitter--love love love all of it! Unfortunately, it is a pain to remove. This is in no way my secret tip, I found it from reading stuff online; but I can vouch for it and say that it totally works! *drumroll please* The foil method!! To do this, you'll need at least five cotton balls (one for each finger and thumb of one had. You can use ten, or just re-use the five for the other hand:), strips of aluminum foil, and nail polish remover (I use 100% Acetone, because I don't mess around with removal;). Get each cotton ball saturated with the acetone and set on the nail. Then wrap a piece of foil around the finger and ball. It's easier to do one hand at a time. Wait for just a few minutes (like the time of a commercial break if you're watching TV) then unwrap the foil, slide off the cotton ball (with a little pressure on the nail) and Ta-Da! Glitter removed!!! I've done this twice now, and it works like a dream! No more scrubbing my nails, no more picking pieces off, just a good clean swipe! The process looks kinda sillly, but it definitely works.

Now how about everyone else? What are your secrets to removing glitter? Have you tried the foil method? Did it work for you? Does it need to be foil? Can you wrap the cotton balls in saran wrap or something else? Does it need to be cotton balls or would cotton pads work, too? Let me know what you think!


  1. Great idea! I might wrap those pre-soaked nail polish removal pads around my nail then foil them!

  2. great idea! I still LOVE my elf nail polish remover wipes, so I wonder if they'd be strong enough on the glitter with the foil... lemme know how it works! :)

  3. I learned about this tip too like a month ago and its the best thing ever! I also love glitter but hated taking it off. But now this foil method makes it so much easier!

    I would love to find out who came up with this trick bc they deserve a medal! lol

  4. I wonder who actually started it, too! I'd want to know how they came up with it... 'cause who honestly just sits there and thinks, "I should wrap foil around my nails!" lol

  5. haha! Exactly! My mind isn't that creative.



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