Friday, November 18, 2011


Wow, this has been one of the longest weeks in a while! Even though it's Friday, all day it felt like Thursday--kind of like the week that would never end! Work has been busy and has taken a lot out of me. I laid down for a little nap after work and ended up sleeping for almost three hours! 

I'm very excited about the weekend though! (aside from catching up on some much needed sleep). I'm going to tea with some of my best girl friends tomorrow! Not just regular tea, but actual formal sit down tea with little sandwiches and sweets, etc. SUPER excited!! I hope it's not a letdown:)

In beauty news, there are a few things on my "to buy" list. I've seen several reviews on YouTube now regarding Wet 'n Wild's holiday baked eye palettes! I *love* baked eye shadow--wear them wet or dry! The ones I have in my current rotation are from Hard Candy (surprise, surprise)--their Kal-eye-descope Baked Eye Shadow Duos

Apparently the Wet 'n Wild ones are only at Walgreens and only certain Walgreens. A lot of girls have had to try several stores to find them, and even then some of the stores that were selling it were sold out already. So I'm gonna look around this weekend and see if I can find them:) I think they've got some special holiday nail polishes out as well that I'd like to try.

The other product I'm going to pick up is thanks to Karen at Beauty and Makeup Blog! e.l.f.  has nail polish remover pads for $1!! (sidenote, how wonderful is, like, almost EVERYTHING from e.l.f.) She says they work great on non-glitter polishes. So I'm going to pick some up and see how I like them. Then I'll let you know!

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