Thursday, December 8, 2011

All the pretty girls want pretty hair...

The first time I became aware of different hair types was probably right around 3rd grade. My friend Amy had bright red, tight curly, almost pouffy hair! (think of little orphan Annie;) then my friend Jolene had the thinnest light almost white blonde hair I'd ever seen. Then there was me--I had your basic run of the mill light brown hair that would kinda flip on its own... Usually only on one side.. The waves were there, it was just always in a little bob so not nearly as noticeable as later in life.

Amy was full of wisdom though, I'll never forget when she said, "All the straight hair girls want curly hair and the curly haired girls want straight!" oh how right she was! How many years had girls been putting their hair in rollers for beautiful curls and curly headed cuties were ironing their hair!

But I digress. This is the start to probably a three or four blog post about my favorite hair products and suggestions I have. So stay tuned! I promise it'll be worth the wait!!:)

The pic is of Amy, Joelene, and me at 18 See the hair differences??

1 comment:

  1. Awaiting more....these curly locks are getting some apple cider treatment tonight actually. Figured I better cider them before I get my color redone *lol*



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