Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take Care of Your Nails!!

No fancy nail art/designs/polish today (I actually mentioned on Twitter this morning that I was going to work with naked nails! lol) It doesn't happen often, but I think every once in a while, my nails might need to breathe the fresh air!

Today, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about nail health! You know I'm a huge HUGE proponent of BASE COAT!! I wasn't always. Especially when I was younger, I thought I just needed the colored polish and I'd have pretty nails. This is all good and fine 'til your nails start turning an ugly shade of yellow/orange/grossness from the (especially darker) polishes that have seeped into your nail beds! (okay, I'm not sure that's what happens, but it sounds good, so go with it;) Base Coat is genius because it puts a barrier between your nail and the colored polish. So, if I haven't stressed this enough, USE BASE COAT!!!!
 A few other things you could/should do to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy:
  1. Buff them. I discovered this buffing block nearly ten years ago. The concept is simple, file nail edges, remove ridges, smooth nail, shine nail. Basically, what happens after you do all four steps, your nails will be so shiny they'll look like you have a coat of clear polish on! Also, the polish goes on smoother and cleaner since your nails are smoother:) If you've never used one, you can get one for cheap--in the block or the stick form (I prefer the block, just 'cause it gives me more source to hold on to.) If you don't know how to use one, let me know! I'd be happy to explain in greater detail or film a tutorial for you!:) (mine is Ms. Manicure for about $2)
  2. This is an item I've only recently started using: Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream! The best way I can describe this stuff is that it's like a lip balm for your finger nails! It's super easy to use! Just massage it into your nails and cuticle areas! It moisturizes your nails and softens cuticles! I've been using it for only a couple weeks, and I'm not sure if I see a huge difference yet, but I love the smell of it! It's like lemon meringue pie!! yummy!!! My one complaint is it comes in the little tins that are nearly impossible for me to open:( But that's just me:( (Walgreens, $5.99)

So these are the tips I have for now! What do you do to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy and beautiful?? :)


  1. Oo...except the burts bees (I use sally's...doesn't smell like pie) I use the buffer and OPI's base coat! And Sally makes this blue nail vitamin gel that I put on once a week!

  2. The Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream sounds interesting. I usually end up missing out the base coat if I'm in a hurry but totally regret it later.


  3. Vitamin Gel! That's a good one! And probably really smart:) Is it true you can put Vitamin E on your nails as well? Or is that just like an old wives tale or something?



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