Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday: Graduation Day!

Happy Friday!! In case you missed my Twitter yesterday, I've decided to transition Throwback Thursday officially to Flashback Friday! I'm not sure if I'll keep the linky or not; I think you all like reading and seeing some of my old stuff, but no one really is doing it, too:) So we'll see!

Now, something historic happened 11 years ago yesterday. Something so monumental it has stayed with me forever! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, on May 24, 2001, I graduated high school!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Wow, now let us take a moment to take a deep breath in realization of just how long ago that was. And how old I really am....

Actually, let's not dwell on that! hahaha.

Graduation was a huge deal! Everything we knew was going to be over and the future was full of complete unknowns. Sure, most of us knew where we were going to college and maybe had an idea of what we'd major in, but what would we do after? Who would we marry? Would we have kids? Where would we live? It was a vast unknown, and it was scary.

And exciting.

And sad.

This song actually came out for the class of 2000, but it was still played on the radio graduation season of '01 and to this day, when I hear it, it holds special memories to me! Do you all remember this song??:)

*sigh* good ol' days.

My high school graduation was pretty wonderful. I was valedictorian (okay, go ahead and talk about what a dork I was lol) and had a really fabulous speech! (I'm going to share the parts of it that I remember sometime because it's honestly relevant for even today!) It was the last big event that my Grampa was able to attend before he passed away in 2004. After the reception, high school boyfriend and I went to McDonalds and I'm pretty sure the McDonalds worker thought we had just gotten married! (I was in a white dress and he in a suit and tie lol).

So... eleven years later... and look how far I've come... finished college... have a real job... no husband or kids yet (and I'm okay with that!:) but at times... I still feel like I'm that seventeen year old girl. I have a lot of the same insecurities and fears. The same thoughts and feelings. I've definitely matured, but I think there's a part of me that will honestly always be that seventeen year old girl...

How about you? Do you remember your graduation?? How long ago was it?? (if it's within like 5 years, don't tell me, I'll just feel older jk;) What special memories do you have from high school? How has your life changed?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments!!:)


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