Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail Challenge Week 21: Fruit Mani

Strawberries! Bananas! Pineapple! Kiwi! Cantaloupe! What do all these words have in common?? They are some of my favorite fruits! (ooh peaches and plums too!!:) I was both excited and nervous about this week's challenge! A fruit mani. *sigh* As with all of these challenges, it could go sooo many different ways! As usual, for inspiration, I checked out Google. So many girls did so many fabulous designs on their nails! I considered doing a variety of fruit--almost like little fruit baskets on my hands! But that was just sooo much work...

So, I cheated. Again. And I know stamping isn't really *cheating* but it still kinda feels like the easy way out. Hahah.

Thank you Shany for making a plate with a strawberry on it!:) lol

My plan was actually to make it look like the strawberries had been drawn on and colored in on my nails. In my head, my inspiration was the Dooney and Bourke bags that looked like they'd been doodled on
So two coats of ORLY Opal Hope... p.s. how beautiful is this color??? I love that it's soft and shiny and changes colors in different lights. When applied by itself, it doesn't totally go with my skin tones, but for this, I think it was perfect! After that, I kinda did some red blotches with Sinful Colors GoGo Girl (still my fave shade of red right now!!;). Then stamping with Konad Special Black.

Someone at work pointed out they look like lady bugs... and I think they kinda do, but they're STRAWBERRIES!!:) Yay!:)

What's your fruit? What fruits would you have put on your nails??:)


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