Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Challenge Week 23: Ombre Nails

Hi Lovelies! This was probably one of my favorite challenges from the past month or so--finally one turned out that I really liked!

Now you may be wondering what an ombre mani is. Or, perhaps you "know" what it is...but you may be wrong. The Swatchaholic did an amazing post a couple weeks ago describing the differences in ombre, skittles, and gradient. Many, many people are confusing ombre and gradient. So, if you think an ombre mani is when the color changes on the nail... I'm sorry to inform you, that is actually a gradient mani (which p.s. is coming in week 28;) When you Google "ombre" mani, sooo many of the pictures are gradient! So this is definitely a common misconception!

The whole point to ombre is that it is a gradual change of color.. so each nail is from the same color family but changes from dark to light or light to dark. I really thought  my nails would be pink this week 'cause I figured I'd have the most variety of shades there... HOWEVER, when I saw some of my purple polishes together, I knew I had a winner!

The polishes used were LA Girl French Nails Purple, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac, Ulta Tutu Cute, Revlon Top Speed Grape, and Orly Out of This World.
I did the left hand dark to light from thumb to pinky and the right hand was light to dark from thumb to pinky!

The lighting isn't perfect... but I promise in real life it looks so fun! I never would've thought I'd like to have a different color on each nail, but I think it is sooo pretty!! When I buy more polish, I'm definitely going to consider how it works with other shades I have so I can do ombre manis in other colors as well:)

Have you done ombre nails? Did you know the difference between ombre and gradient? What colors would you have used to do this challenge?:)


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