Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop!! 9/19

Welcome beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers to the Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop! 

glitter gloss & glaze

 What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a linky that multiple bloggers add their URL to. Then, participants visit blogs and follow if they wish! The benefit to blog hops are they are a great way to network, discover new blogs and build followers.

Why "Walkabout" Wednesday? We loved the definition since this is what our blog hop is all about! From dictionary.comChiefly British .
 a. a walking tour. b. an informal public stroll taken ...for the purpose of greeting and being seen...

Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop Guidelines
  • Visit the hostesses blogs. You can find my co-host here. Leave us a comment and/or follow if you wish! 
  • Leave your URL in the linky.
  • If you have time to leave your link, you have time to walk on over to at least one other blog.
  • Follow any blogs that pique your interest and leave them a comment letting them know how you discovered their blog!
  • While we love all sorts of blogs, we ask that participant blogs include posts that are 80% beauty, fashion or both. Our readers are generally beauty and fashion lovers. If you are hoping to gain followers then it's best to join blog hops with your readership in mind. We would be happy to provide you with blog hop recommendations if your blog is not a beauty or fashion blog.
Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop Friendly Reminders
  • Do not spam other blogs. What do we mean by spam other blogs? It is bad blog etiquette to hop over to a blog and only comment with "I followed. Follow me. Here's my link!!!!" If you do leave a link, leave a thoughtful comment and let the person know how you discovered their blog. 
  • If you are hoping to gain followers, be sure to display a way for people to subscribe to your blog (GFC, hellocotton, Bloglovin', etc).

Come back weekly and add your link! We look forward to discovering new blogs and appreciate your participation!

Why not tweet about it?
I just linked up at @BeautybyArielle and @GlossandGlaze's #WalkaboutWednesday Blog Hop! Join me!

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