Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Finds Friends

I'd say that overall, I'm a pretty likable person--I mean, I like myself (most of the time haha), and I like to think that most other people like me. Conversely, I like most other people... well, okay, I mostly like lots of other people... There are some people that I actually completely can't stand. But, I'm a firm believer that fashion can bond people. It's one of those things that isn't really controversial--it's not politics or religion--it's just good fashion fun:) 

Sometimes, there are girls I don't really care for when I first meet them (little sidenote, I'm actually reallllllyyyy bad with first impressions--especially when it comes to girl friends. Girls I like when I first meet, I often end up becoming annoyed with and not wanting to be their friend anymore; and girls I don't think I like when I first meet end up being my best friends. I'm not sure why this happens, but I figure it must be me. lol. Perhaps more on this at a later time).

Anyway, there has been on more than one occasion, a girl that I really just wasn't sure about. Maybe she seemed snotty to me. Maybe I thought we had nothing in common. Maybe I thought she was "better" than I was (ok, that's usually what it is... It makes me really self conscious). But! Then it happens!! She tells me she has the same sweater I do. Or we talk about shoes we both love. Or she compliments my nail polish. Or I tell her I like her new purse---and there it is. Suddenly we find out we like a whole bunch of the same things! It's a total bonding moment. At that point, it doesn't matter about politics or religion or education or status in life or anything else--we like the same thing. Or similar things. 

And that is a start to a beautiful friendship.

Of course, bonus points if she can sing the "Facts of Life" song, appreciates Punky Brewster, and had a crush on Zach Morris or Alex P. Keaton... lol. You know who you are;)

Completely off topic, anyone know much about the "stamping" nail art? More on that tomorrow...


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