Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Nails (and a surprise!:)

Well, it's the first of many fall holidays--Halloween. The first Halloween I really remember was when I was six. I went as Gumby! It was the one and only store bought costume I've ever worn (I'm not sure if that makes my family cheap or just makes me some loser child lol) Anyway, I loved that costume! It was a little plastic outfit and a plastic Gumby face mask. The next year I was a clown, then Laura Ingalls Wilder (hahaha, honestly, what kid goes as a pioneer girl from a book??), then Minnie Mouse (this was fabulous! My neighborhood friend and I both went as Minnie. She had a red polka dot dress and I had a blue polka dot dress. Come to think of it, this was probably when my obsession for polka dots started! Her mom sewed us these mouse ears and gigantic bows onto headbands. We were so cute!), then a cheerleader, then... well I don't remember some of them after that...

I wasn't anything this year, but in the holiday spirit, I did do Halloween nails. I've already done a review of OPI's spookettes, but I've gotta tell you--the decals that came with the set are absolutely fabulous! I was really nervous at first. The directions sound simple enough--moisten decal, moisten nail, slide decal onto nail, put in place, pat dry. But I was so afraid to screw it up! This was my first time doing decals, and I think they actually turned out really good. It's hard to even tell they were put on after the fact! My nails look like they just came this way! Also, I changed my toes from the Zom-body to Love with Black Shatter to He's My Boo with Black Shatter over it (thanks to a suggestion from Kiss My Acetone) I don't really feel like posting a picture of my toes here, but let me assure you, it looks pretty darn amazing;)

In other SUPER exciting news! Guess what showed up ALREADY today??? My Konad Stamper and Scraper and the Polish! Yes! I just ordered it on Saturday and it came all the way from California today! Like magic! My design plates should be here by Wednesday, then the fun begins:) I'll write more about the product when it's all here, just wanted to share the excitement!!

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  1. I didn't know what this was...googled it...sigh LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see your results :D



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