Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: O.P.I. Spookettes

Well Halloween is just right around the corner now, and before it was too late I wanted to share with you my thoughts on O.P.I's Spookettes--a mini collection of four polishes: He’s My Boo (orange), Mummy Knows Best (white), I Only Date Werewolves (black), and Zom-body To Love (glow in the dark green). It also comes with 10 nail art decals (which I have yet to use). 

Now this is an item that was not purchased with my own money. It seems the more people see that you're "into" nail polish, the more they want to share things with you (I am not opposed! Keep the ideas, pictures, products coming!!:) Anyway, these were sent to me about two weeks ago and I just couldn't wait to use them.

There's not a lot to review on the consistency/look/feel of the polish--it's typical O.P.I quality--very clean, smooth, easy to go on, etc. I used two coats of He's My Boo over the entire nail with French tips of I Only Date Werewolves. Both colors are very strong and I probably could've gotten by with just one coat of the orange. I love how bright it is--I have an orange Sinful Colors (Cloud 9) that is not as bright of an orange and has a light sparkle in it. (It was used for my candy corn nails earlier this month). He's My Boo just pops! I Only Date Werewolves is a very deep black, but it's hard to say much else about it--black is black. 

Now, O.P.I. also is selling a Halloween set this year--Pair 'em Scare 'em with the Zom-body to love and the Black Shatter. Well, I got the Zom-body to Love and still have my Black Shatter from the crackle-polish-phase-of-summer-2011 so I used that on my toes. The Zom-body to Love took about 4+ coats to actually look the shade of green I wanted. The first coat or two looked just like my toes were moldy of full of fungus. Ew. I was very impressed with the glow in the dark part--even with the Black Shatter and Top Coat over the glow was still very good! So fun! 

Both the polish on my fingers and toes has lasted really well all week with very minimal cracking. My one complaint with this polish is that while it is the smaller bottles and the smaller polish tops, the brush is still full size. Because of this, I felt like I didn't have as good of control over it as I would have liked. I was actually expecting a smaller brush, which I would have liked even better because I would've liked to draw Jack O' Lantern faces on the nails and if the black had come with a thinner brush, I probably could've done that very easily. Also, I was a little careless and just jammed the brush back into the bottle, I bent up some of the bristles because--big brush little bottle. 

But overall, I love the polish! The Zom-body to Love may come in handy more than just for Halloween--if I'm going out or doing something at night where I want a little glow to my nails. 

And thanks so much to Nancy for thinking of me and sending it!

P.S. While we're on the topic of O.P.I., let me just take a moment to say HOW EXCITED I AM about the Muppets collection!! Cannot wait to get my hands on those! (and if anyone wants to send them to me, I will supply you my address;)


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  1. Love the names OPI comes up with...I need a job there!



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