Monday, October 17, 2011

Once upon a time...

...there lived a pretty pink princess in a castle covered in glitter and sparkles in a land far far away.... isn't that how we all hope for our lives to turn out? But alas, we actually end up in little suburbs, working jobs we have love/hate relationships with, and end up removing a lot of the glitter and sparkle that once surrounded our lives. Why lose all the fun stuff?? 

I'm here to share with you, the world, all the things that really make me happy--nail polish, lip gloss, shoes, bags, eyeshadows, etc--anything that can be classified as a glitter, gloss, or glaze! :) I'll share some fun nail designs I do; reviews of products I try; beauty deals I find; and anything else that seems exciting at the time:) I'm also always up for new fun things, so feel free to share some of your favorite stuff!!

I'll try to update at least a couple times a week, so come back and find out what's new with me!:) Looking forward to sharing all my favorite things with you!!

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