Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Lips ~ Review!

Okay, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! Are my lips actually baby soft?! Here is the "before" picture

So not horrible. Perhaps a little chapping in the corners, but not terribly rough or dry.

Now the claims from the "four week clinical study" are: 
82% visibly less dry
94% less rough
77% more supple
77% better looking

I should put in a disclaimer that I did not use this product ONLY during the 4 weeks. I continued to use my other lip products (Hard Candy Glossaholic, Mary Kay lipstick, and a couple random Bonne Bell Lip Smackers) So it's possible I didn't get a completely clean "clinical study," but I still think it's close enough.

Here's what I liked--the price! At Wal-Mart it was only $2.99 and there are some $1 off coupons roaming around the interent. The packaging--they are all so cute and colorful and fun! The size--perfect to fit in your purse, pocket, or anywhere else so it's always with you! The SPF--since I'm in Florida the sun is almost always out, so I love that my lips are coated and protected! 

Here's what I didn't like: the texture--now this is just a personal thing. I am more a gloss girl than a balm girl, and this is definitely a balm. I don't know how to explain it, but it's almost like it feels thick or gummy on my lips. The taste--I know this was a plus for some people because the flavor is not very distinct, but I'd prefer to have a "taste" to it than just the balm-y basic flavor. 

Here's things I'm kind of indifferent on: the color--sometimes it was a light pink and I really liked it. Other times I felt like it almost hot pink and a bit much, (obviously this would change if I got an un-tinted one which I would definitely try). The lasting--I know it claims to give "8 hour moisture" or whatever. And it may actually keep my lips moist on the inside that long; but I felt I needed to reapply every few hours (obviously more if eating, drinking, etc.)

Here's my after pic, then I'll let you know I feel it stood up to all the claims
So, less dry? YES!
Less rough? YES!
Better looking? SURE!
More supple? well... let's take a moment... I guess when I think "supple" I think "lush" and "full" and "beautiful"! Basically, I was hoping for Angelina Jolie lips (that did not happen..) But when I actually look up the defintion of "supple" it means: "bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed;pliant; flexible:" and for that? YES! 

When I run my finger over my lips, they really do feel soft! I've always had pretty soft lips, but this is definitely a more soft! Overall, it's a great product. I probably will continue to use it daily. I will tell you, my favorite time to use it is to put it on right before bed. I feel like it soaks into my lips over night. I know, I know, clearly I don't need the SPF while I'm sleeping:) Also, I'll probably pick up another couple tubes of it. I do recommend this product! Two thumbs up! Yay!!!

Next lip product to review? 

Stay Tuned!!


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