Saturday, November 12, 2011

Items that are "clothes" to my heart

Back when I was in college (those six short years ago) a lot of my friends and I were all the same size. It seemed like everyone I knew was a 3/4 or 5/6 and all of our clothes were interchangeable. We'd share clothes, shoes, everything without even a second thought about it. We took a trip to NYC once, and it was like each of our wardrobes tripled because we could fit into all the clothes each of us brought and the clothes that everyone else brought too. (and seriously, looking back at those pictures, you can see which day each of us wore some of the same items. lol)

But then we grow up. Our bodies change. We gain weight. Lose weight. I like to think a lot of my weight just re-positions itself. I'm pleased that certain parts of my body did grow on their own ;) lol but other problem places seem to keep getting all the left over pounds when my weight "re-positions" itself. hahaha. It gets harder to share clothes with our friends since there's the super skinny girls, the more voluptuous girls, etc. 

When I went to a clothing swap with some of the girls today, I really wasn't sure if I'd get anything out of it. Oh, I definitely put enough into it! I had two full size trash bags full of clothes--clothes that didn't fit, clothes I didn't like any more, just a way to purge out my closet:) Now, I've donated clothes to Goodwill before--and I'm fine with that, you never have to see people LOOKING at your clothes. It's a completely different story when you can see people LOOKING at your clothes. It's almost like I felt they were judging me based on the clothes I was getting rid of. A lot of the clothes I've bought were for "special occasions." Like, oh, that's the shirt I got on my first date with so-and-so. That's the cute top I bought when I was on vacation with what's her name. Everything had a story to me. And it was almost like people were going thru the history of my life. And it was just a weird feeling. Believe it or not, I'm not a very open person, and it just made me feel too vulnerable having people I knew going thru my stuff...

But, it was a happy ending story! I ended up coming away with a super cute pair of jeans, a tank top, a frilly sleeveless shirt (that I LOVE), and a flowy little short-sleeve shirt. Yay for new free clothes!

The clothes of mine that weren't taken at the swap have since been disposed of in a donation bin. So someone will get to enjoy the clothes I no longer want. And I won't have to see anyone else go through my personal items:)

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