Friday, November 11, 2011

If you don't wash off your makeup...'ll add seven years to your face. Is that really true? I surely hope not. There have been soooo many days I go to bed with makeup on. I've probably aged my face 10,000+ years (maybe not; math was never my strong point lol). I blame it mostly on laziness. Not that it even takes that long. But sometimes, I'm already in my PJs, curled up in bed with a good book or TV show, and I just don't *feel* like getting back up to wash my face. Sure, there are ways around that! Get those makeup remover wipes and keep them next to the bed! Been there; done that; never got around to buying the refill packs. Ah, I'm horrible. 

What I do do instead, however, is I'll go for a few days without wearing makeup at all. (usually when I'm not at work; 'cause God forbid those people see how I *really* look;) Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to have pretty good skin. I'll have the occasional break out certain times of the month or when I'm really stressed; but overall, I'm a pretty lucky girl. Soft, creamy, ivory complexion. Light pink undertones. Dark eyelashes. Thick (sometimes out of control if I don't keep up with the waxing) eyebrows. Very Snow White-ish. My college roommate once told me, "When you don't wear makeup, you just look tired." Which was actually kind of a compliment. I don't *have* to wear makeup. I just do. Because I love it. And, well, let's be honest, we all have our own insecurities, and I still feel more comfortable keeping myself covered up.

But for all of you other girls out there, follow this advice and do what I should be doing (all the time) and wash your faces before bed!!! Beauty sleep is better with a fresh face:)

For anyone who is wondering though, here is my latest morning skin care regiment (I know I need to improve it. I'm a few years out from 30, but I know the wrinkles and aging is forming. I've gotta step it up:)


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