Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a fruit taught me today...

Are you familiar at all with VeggieTales? The videos/DVDs that use vegetables to tell Bible stories to kids? Kind of a crazy idea, but the franchise has been around for years so apparently it's working (for the record, my favorites are "Rack, Shack, and Benny" and "Madame Blueberry";) 

Today, I learned a valuable lesson from a fruit. 

I left work early to take a friend to the doctor to have a procedure done. Everything went well, and she's healing nicely. After the doc, we went to lunch (which was fab! Thanks, Susan!) and then she took me to the cutest little fruit store place! They had all these citrus fruits and candies and juices and honeys and even ice cream! What an adorable store! So, while looking at the tangello she tells me, "Last time I was here, the woman told me that the uglier ones are the ones that are sweeter and taste better." Not one to be taken by a scam, I was like, "Really? She wasn't just saying that so you'd buy the ugly ones that no one else would?" She shook her head, "Nope, she had me try them. It's true." Susan went on to point out that it's interesting, because everyone wants to buy the bright colored, perfectly unflawed fruits based on what they look like; when really it's the ones that have bruises and aren't quite perfect--but rather kind of ugly looking that are actually sweeter and tastier!

Hmm. What a metaphorical example, I thought.

How often do we judge others based on how they look? Okay, not gonna lie, I can be shallow and superficial (hey, I'm not perfect! And at least I can admit it!) and sometimes I do base things on people's appearances. Oh, that's a pretty girl, she'd probably be a good friend. Or, omg he's so cute, he must be amazing. lol. On the flip side, maybe I wouldn't be as friendly to someone who wasn't as attractive... okay, that really does make me sound horrible.

But the truth is, I think a lot of people pick the people in their lives the way people pick fruit... you look for the ones that look good--the ones that will look pretty in your fruit basket and make you look better to other people. 

Tangellos can't use makeup and nail polish and cute shoes to dress them up and make them look better. What you see is what you get. There's no hiding what they are. The tangellos know that it really is what's on the inside that counts, and they know the people that REALLY know them will pick them based on their internal characteristics rather than how they look on the outside. Oh, we can learn a lot from the tangello. Both on how to not hide who we really are and accept our flaws as well as accepting people for their flaws and not writing them off just because they're not bright and shiny and perfect.

In other, not as preachy, news. My Shany nail design plates showed up today! Super excited!! I'm going out tonight to a Christmas ornament painting party, so I'm not gonna get a chance to really play with them this evening. But! Stay tuned! Because I promise a full review with pictures will be just around the corner! Who knows, maybe I'll even do a video about it! We shall see!


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