Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stamping Nail Art Step Two: First Impressions

Hey Everyone, sorry it's been a couple days but a lot has been going on. And a confession for you--I totally did try the stamping the first night I got it! I basically had 20 minutes before I was supposed to pick my friend up, so I was like, hmm just enough time to see if these things work (and oh, do they!) But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I want to give you as complete a review as possible.
no flash outside
with flash inside
So quick review Konad is the big brand of nail stamp art--one plate for about $4; Bundle Monster is the dupe of Konad and you can get 21 plates for about $18; Shany is a dupe of Bundle Monster and you get 25 plates for about $15. Clearly, Shany wins on price/value alone. I read that Shany and Bundle Monster actually have the same exact designs on each plate, Shany just came with four extras. I can't quite confirm that, because that may have been the 2011 set and I got the 2012 set.

So I ordered everything through Amazon, and it all got here in about 5 days. When the plates got here, I was shocked at how small they were. I guess I shouldn't have been, but it was shipped in this big box and then was just a tiny box full of them.The Shany plates do come with a thin blue protective sheeting on the front to prevent them from scratching. You need to take them off before use and this was THE MOST MISERABLE, PAINSTAKING PROCESS EVER! (slight exaggeration; I'm sure there are worse things. Perhaps having a baby). But it was pretty darn horrible. I thought it would be like the plastic sheeting they put over computer screens and cell phones when you buy it that is a little more than static cling that just pulls right off. Oh no. Not these. They're like shrink wrapped on them or something. I Googled how to remove them and there was very little information out there (thanks, Google. The one time I *really* needed you lol) Anyway, plates 15-25 seemed to come off a little bit easier and actually had a shinier, smoother finish. I had read a bunch online about how they have rough edges and be careful you don't get cut, blah blah blah. Yeah, of course I didn't really believe it TIL IT HAPPENED! When I was trying to peel off the blue stuff, it cut right through my index finger. No blood (thankfully!) but the cut was pretty deep and hurt--like when you burn yourself and you almost lose feeling for a bit? A little hydrogen peroxide and a Hello Kitty bandaid and I was as good as new:)

The next issue came with how to store them? Since the protective sheeting was off now, I didn't want to just stack and risk scratching them. I thought I could put them all in a little photo album in the sleeves. Well that was a smart idea until every album I had was side-loaded and each time a page would turn the plate would just fall out. I ended up doing what a lot of other people did and got a baseball card holder. I took it one step further and instead of just dropping the plate in the holder, I inserted it with an index card that listed all the design on each plate. This way I can just flip through the pages and can see from the back what's on each plate, without having to look up close to each of them. This is a great idea SO FAR since they are toploaded, but I still need to be careful with the book that it doesn't tip cause then everything could fall out the top. 

Now to this point, you may think that I'm not very happy with them since I've been complaining. But that is just the opposite! I love these things! I used a star one first and it is just as easy as they say on the YouTube videos and other reviews!! Pick design, blob polish, scrape polish, press stamper, roll stamper--bam! Nail design. The only problem I encountered a bit was getting the design on the stamp to line up where I wanted it on the nail (but that will come with practice). I did use the Konad special polish for my first time, but still want to investigate the worthiness of other (cheaper) polishes:)

So many people noticed these on my nails! In general people usually notice my nails since I'm always doing something, but this got some added attention and I am sooo super excited to try  the 100s of other designs I got!

To discuss the plates for a quick second, obviously I already have some favorites picked out, and I can already tell there will be some designs I probably won't use. But it's still great to have all the variety!

It's a busy weekend, but my goal is to try and play with it more tomorrow and let you know more of my thoughts.

As of right now, if you are even remotely considering getting into nail art stamping, I *highly* recommend buying the Shany plates. They are a great deal and as far as my research goes, works just as well as the named brand kind.

 Buy Shany Plates on Amazon!

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