Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Few Good Friends

If it isn't obvious yet, this isn't your typical beauty blog. I write (and babble and ramble) about a lot of things that mean stuff to me. Interesting observations, things I wonder, ideas I think about. One of those big topics is friends. How we make them, how we keep them, how we lose them. How people change over time. How someone you like right away you end up hating; how someone you don't really like to start with ends up being your BFF.

I know a girl like that. We weren't friends for a long time. Partly because I thought she was a stuck up biatch and was scared of her; and someone told her not to be my friend (at this point, I can't remember why). But then (when that other girl was out of the picture) we started talking and found out we actually had A LOT in common. Unfortunately we became friends almost too late. I went to her Jersey Shore Bridal Shower Party (sooo fun!!) and then moved away.

You'd think that would be a sad ending; but even 800+ miles apart, we talk almost daily and still keep up with each others lives. She's one of the absolute best friends I have. She listens to me. She gives real  straight advice--not just stuff I want to hear. We laugh at a lot of the same stuff. And she remembers random stuff about me. 

She's pregnant now (yay yay!) And is writing a blog to document what's going on. It's a super fun easy read, and I totally recommend you visit it to check out what's going on. It's still early in her pregnancy and we don't know if it'll be a girl or a boy (I think I'm hoping girl, but I can totally see her with a little boy;)

Check it out! A Mommy in the Making

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  1. *AWWWWW* was reading this thinking hmm..that sounds like me and you...then I realized Hmm...that IS me and you :) And one day we will be less than 800 miles away...if only for a vacation :D



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