Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stamping Nail Art Step Three: Playing with It!

As promised, I played around some more with my new stamping plates. I still love them! The hardest part is picking which design to do lol. And the second hardest part is be patient enough for the base color to dry so I can do the stamping!! :)

Anyway, tonight I started with O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat, then two coats of Sinful Colors 313 Pink Forever, Konad Special Nail Polish Princess--Gold Black, and Shany design plate SH20. And voila! This is the finished product:

I LOVE how they turned out! Pink, fun, fresh! Cute yet sophisticated! I still can't believe I hadn't tried stamping sooner; this is the most fun I've had with my nails in a long time:)

Now a lot of people have made complaints about the full nail design stamps because they didn't fill the entire nail bed and they were having to do it multiple times. My problem was kind of the opposite; apparently I have little girl nails and the design was actually bigger than my nails so I got polish all over my finger. Thankfully, you'll recall almost two weeks ago I picked up the O.P.I.  correct&cleanup tool, so I wasn't concerned about the mess knowing I could just take it off. Quick review of it: it works, but I had to be a little rough with it at times.. almost digging it into the skin. This wasn't cool, cause the skin around my nails is already kinda sensitive so it felt a little irritated to me. I wonder if I could've gotten the same results using a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. I'm also wondering if the tip will work again. Since I was using it to remove the Konad polish, it's all black now... we will see...


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