Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little Stamping Q&A

Today I got a very good question on my Facebook that I thought I'd share with you all here so you could see my response. So the question was:

Q. Dear K, I am debating about getting the Konad black polish. I have been using regular black polish and it doesnt seem to come out as dark as yours. Have you used regular black polish to compare? Sincerely, Laura H.

A. Well, Laura H., that's a very good question and one I was wondering about myself. Konad polishes do range in price from $4-$8 and when shipping is factored in, you could be paying a pretty penny for a polish you might not actually need.  Let's see how the test went.

I tested six polishes: O.P.I. "I only date werewolves" (from the Spookettes minis collection), O.P.I. "Black Shatter", Nicole by O.P.I."Razzle Dazzle", Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Black Out", Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "Black Diamond", and of course Konad Princess Special "Gold Black" 

I tried each of them in the same design plate and cleaned off the stamper and plate after each test with acetone polish remover. You can see the results here:
While most of them worked, some were better than others. Not surprising the shatter polish really didn't work at all. I did that one twice; because it's its own special formula, I definitely do not recommend it for stamping. Both Sally Hansen Diamond Strength and Nicole by O.P.I. turned out all right; whereas, O.P.I. kinda smeared a little.

We all know that I'm a fan of a bargain, but I think it may just be worth spending a little extra cash to have a polish that works almost flawlessly. I'm saying buy the Konad polish. So far, I think everything else can be knock off, but go with the real deal for this one.

If you don't want to pay full price, Amazon has some cheaper prices on Konad polishes and you might even be able to get a bundle bargain.

Good luck, and happy stamping!


  1. Oo I like this Q&A should do one like once a week :)

  2. You're right! I totally should! People need to send me more questions!!:)



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