Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Hair Tools

Well, it's another Monday here at Glitter, Gloss, and Glaze which means HAIR DAY!!! Woohoooo!! Today is all about my favorite hair tools! I was going to call them "utensils" but that word makes me picture a fork... which then makes me think of Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" when she tries to use the fork in her hair. Hahaha, I promise, I do not use forks in my hair:)

I have really thick hair and it takes some time to blow dry my hair so it's completely dry. I would burn out blow dryer after blowdryer throughout high school and college. It almost wasn't even a big deal to buy a new one every year or so. Then, I found my Revlon one. My beautiful pink Revlon one! I got it for about $20 at Wal-mart (of course, now it's on sale for just under $13 at;) and it has lasted me years! It's an 1875 Ionic Blowdryer and it is amazing! It comes with a removable diffuser (which is great if you want to scrunch wavy hair while drying and get more curls to pop; or if you want to focus the air on hair to blow dry straight). It has three heat settings as well as a cool button. The high is not too hot and hasn't burned me yet! (I had that problem with some of the others) I highly recommend this dryer to anyone who wants a good, powerful dryer that doesn't cost a lot of money:)

My next favorite tool is my Remington Wet 2 Style Straightener with 1" Curved Plates. I'd been through several straighteners before settling on this one. I loved that I had the option to do my hair wet or dry (as it advertises) However! I have since learned you should really not use heat products like straighteners on wet hair--it is much more damaging! I have on occasion when my hair was just lightly damp run the straightener over it. I love the variety of settings that the straightener has; it heats up really fast--I'll usually plug it in, turn it on, blow dry, then it's ready for use!

The last tool I'll share with you is my Conair Hot Sticks! I am horrible with curling irons. (absolutely HORRIBLE); sponge curlers and plastic ones I leave in overnight just make my hair toooo crazy curly. These work perfectly! They heat up pretty fast and when they're ready for use the red light on top turns white. They come in two sizes... the pink is small and the green is larger--so you get tighter and looser curls. They are perfect for a night out updo or regular day at work. Just wrap the hair around them, stick one end thru the loop, do your makeup, then they're cool and ready to come out. It is absolutely genius, and I love them!!

What are some of your favorite hair tools? And what could you not live without?? Your blow dryer? Curling iron? Straightener? Let me know what you think! :)


  1. I love flat irons, my hair is super frizzy and my flat iron really helps make my hair be more manageable!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, i love the monday beauties blog hope Ive found a lot of great blogs! I am now a follower of your blog & twitter!

  2. Yay flat irons!!! Some day maybe I'll have a Chi or a fancy expensive one, but for now my "cheap" one works just fine:)

    Thanks so much for following!!



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