Friday, February 17, 2012

Let's Chat About Life:)

Helllooooo, Lovelies! And Happy FRIDAY!!! I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday and I have soooo many amazing things to talk about, I don't even know where to start! So tonight, I'll share just a few quick updates and some sneak peeks of things that I'll be sharing with you soon!

First, I finished my second book on my 2012 Reading List this week! Ahead of schedule! Yay!! Right now I have a survey up to see who would like me to review the books I'm reading (so far I think it looks like YES that is something you'd like). Most of the books on my list are basic chick lit books, so I still think it's fitting in this atmosphere;) But we shall see! It was a book by Gemma Townley (the second of hers I've read). She's a British author and a super easy, fun read. I did not know 'til just recently that she's the sister of Sophie Kinsella! (Author of the Shopaholic Series and one of my fave writers OF ALL TIME lol). So that's cool.

Second, do people in your "real life" know you blog? I know some people it's just this like secret passion/hobby of theirs that they do in their free time but don't really talk about it. Others tell every person they know. Haha. I'm kind of in the middle. I told a few people when I first started; and as it's grown I've told a few more people. But apparently! People do talk! I was at a going away lunch for a coworker (and dear friend) the other day, and when I was showing a girl my V-day nails, the guy next to her was like, "You have a blog don't you? Something about glitter..." I wasn't even sure how to respond! How did he even know?? But people talk, and I guess you really never know who is actually reading your blog!

Third, well, this kinda goes along with my second point, but because people do know about my blog, they're always giving me ideas or telling me things to write (I LOVE THIS PART:). The guy who sits next to me at work was like, "Did you hear the FDA is recalling lipstick because of lead? You might want to tell your readers about that." And a friend of mine said, "I saw this article about women having a hard time making friends as they get older. It had a list of websites. I tore it out of the magazine for you." (perfect for my Friendship Series!) That same friend had a sugar scrub from Lush that she wanted me to try to "review on your blog." I absolutely adore how fabulously supportive people are being about my blog!:)

Fourth, I'm a newly converted Bloglovin fan. I was following all my blogs with Google Reader, which has been working pretty well. I'm on Bloglovin (there's a little link to follow me there on the right of my blog), but I never got fully into it. HOWEVER, after Glitz Glam Budget talking about how fab it is (and I know Janna of Gloss and Glitz has been singing its praise for a while as well), I decided to check it out again.... Bloglovin has a FREE APP for the iPhone AND it's waaaaay better than the Google Reader one I was using. It's super user friendly, and I'm going to encourage all of you fabulous people to please start following me on Bloglovin:) I'll keep my Google Friend Connect for now too, but seriously, at least check me out Bloglovin:)

Fifth, have you ever heard of Migi Nail Art?? It's okay, I hadn't. I'll give you the whole story soon, but check out their website and let me know what you think! Or if you've seen it before, used it, heard of it--good or bad--or anything else, just let me know!

So, those are some updates from me! What's going on with all of you!?!?


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