Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Birchbox--First Impressions

Hi Lovelies! I got my first ever Birchbox today and wanted to write a quick post to show you what I got and share my first impressions!

A little background, Birchbox was actually the first monthly subscription service I'd heard about and I went to sign up right away. I've been on the wait list for a few months and was super excited to get the chance to join a week or so ago! I filled out the beauty profile and was ready to get my surprises!

Within a week, I got notice that my first box was shipped! I just found that out on Saturday... Today is Wednesday! (+1 for them on BeautyArmy which took FOR EV ER to get here! But, it was shipping from the east coast so it had a shorter distance to go;)

Without further ado, here it is! (I'll show you everything then share some things at the end:)
Here it is first opened!
the welcome card
perfume, lip gloss, free music downloads
stick on eyeliner, clothing adhesive, powder puff
description of everything I got
So! At first, I was sadly disappointed. Since I got my BeautyArmy kit a little while ago and their "sample" sizes were actually real sizes of stuff that I could use several times to give a good solid review of things. Birchbox "sample" size is more or less nonexistent on some stuff.

My next thought was, when am I even going to use this stuff? I rarely if ever wear clothes that would need adhesive to keep it on... And a random powder puff?

But! I will say, I sprayed a little spritz of the Juicy perfume and I LOVE IT. It is definitely a scent that I enjoy and works well with me! And the lip gloss?? What a perfect color for me!! It's light and makes my lips look wet.

I'll still use everything and give you more thoughts later on. Bottom line right now? I still felt a little let down, but my expectations may have just been a little too high. I'll try it for another month or two, maybe retake my beauty profile, and see if I get some better/different stuff then:)


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