Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Reflections

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Do you remember being in elementary school and making Valentine's Boxes? You know, some place for all your classmates/friends to deliever Valentines to you? Mine was always out of a shoebox with red, pink, and white construction paper. I remember cutting out hearts and using a glue stick and glitter to make that box so perfect. I was always so proud of my creation! Then I'd take it into school and there was always the one kid that did something super fancy like using aluminum foil to make it all shiny. Or the kids who clearly had their parents make their box for them. *sigh* Suddenly, my homemade, hand crafted Valentine's box was just not nearly as exciting as I thought it was.

Doesn't stuff like that still kinda happen to us even now? Not the Valentine's boxes (though, I really do wonder what would happen if I put a box on my desk at work? Would people give me Valentine's or little notes of affection? lol) but that there's sometimes we work really hard on something and are so proud of what we've done, just to see someone else have something better. Or someone else has something that was just given to them. After all our work...

It's frustrating! You start to wonder why even bother if after all that work someone else is still going to be better than you...

It's a saying we've been hearing for years and years and years, "It's what's on the inside that counts." And just like the Valentine's box, it didn't really matter what the outside looked like, the important parts were all on the inside--the card, the candy, the sweet notes from friends, the possibility that maybe that boy we liked dropped a card in the box, too;) Those were the things that mattered!!

So maybe some girl has more shoes than you or a more expensive purse. Maybe her hair is shinier and her waist skinnier. Maybe someone has a better job/house/husband/child/car/nose than you, but it really is what's on the inside. Focus on the things that make you happy!

Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be filled with love for YOU--who you are and what you have:) Because you are simply amazing:)

Even if you are a shoe box covered with construction paper, glue stick, and glitter:)


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