Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I'm a huge proponent of base coat on your nails! It's super important to put it first to prepare your nails for the polish and keep them protected. Your face is not that different, it's also important to put a "base coat" of sorts on your face--primer!

Not gonna lie, until the past year I did not use a primer. I'm not even sure I really knew they existed... lol. However, living in Florida, the summers get REALLY hot, and I realized that being outside for any amount of time (i.e. walking from the office to my car), my makeup would just MELT OFF! That's when A Mommy in the Making (the wonderful friend that she is:) suggested I use a primer. So I picked up Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer and used it 'til I couldn't squeeze anything out of the bottle any more!
Last month, in my Ulta haul, I picked up L'Oreal's Magic Lumi Primer. Now, I know I've said this is a review, but I am kinda gonna do a little comparing to the Hard Candy one, too. But first, one pump of this primer and I'm good to go. It comes out almost like Elmer's glue (which I think is interesting, because it makes me think I'm using glue so that all the makeup sticks to my face;) It kinda smells like glue, too. Not a lot, but there's enough of a scent that it makes me think, hmm.. As you can see in the pic, it is a little shimmery for the illumination.

It goes on very smoothly and doesn't leave any stickiness or greasiness behind on my face (which is good, because from feeling it on my fingers, I was afraid there would be a sticky residue). All the rest of my makeup goes on as usual!

And my makeup stays on!! From sun and heat, to sweating from working out, to rainy days, my makeup ALWAYS stays on. This stuff is actually pretty powerful! And I'm really enjoying using it (it's been about a month now)

So, at $12.99 (.68 fl oz) from Ulta, how does it compare to the $8 (1.3 oz) one from Hard Candy? The Hard Candy comes out a little more waxy than liquidy and is squeezed from a bottle vice pumped out. I think the Hard Candy one actually feels lighter too (not sticky). I think both worked pretty comparably, so in the future, I'd probably go back to Hard Candy just 'cause it's more product for the money:)

What do you think? What's your favorite primer? Have you tried either of these?


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