Friday, January 27, 2012

One more haul--ULTA!

Okay! One more big shopping trip to share with you all! Then it's time to use all this amazing stuff and tell you how fabulous (or not;) it all is!! (you are all guaranteed reviews for AT LEAST the next month! hahahah:)

Tonight I went to Ulta, and as soon as I walked in they had their whole display of Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palettes. Now, for anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time, you know I'm definitely all about the more inexpensive makeup brands. A lot of my makeup is e.l.f., Wet 'n Wild, Hard Candy, etc. I figure if I'm gonna buy a lot, I don't want to go broke.


There it was.

In all its splendor.

And everyone has said such great things about it...

And now I own it.

So, not wanting to let all you lovelies down, I knew I needed to *invest* in some other products to rate, review, and compare. And around the store I went. I picked up:
Illuminating primer!

Which one will make my lashes fuller?

These both have the little round applicator
 Then this product caught my eye! I have never seen, heard, or have any knowledge of it, but it looks amazing! (if it works)
Spray foundation?! Airbrush-"like"?

Now, I had also purchased a small $10 NYX palette that had similar colors to the Naked 2 (I wanted to compare). But after leaving the store I realized the palette *in* the box (Jazz Night) was NOT the one advertised *on* the box (Champagne and Caviar). So, when I went to return it, I somehow ended up buying this in its place:
So yes, now I will be reviewing both of them. My first ever real "expensive" eyeshadow. I'm excited and kinda nervous!:) 

And that's about all the shopping I should be doing for a while! Many, many reviews and comparisons to come!!


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