Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Results are in...

...and the debate is over! You may remember that a little over a week ago, I posted a debate question to see if you were all on Team Ulta or Team Sephora! I was very careful to not provide my opinion or any information that may sway the vote! I didn't even reply to any of the comments that all you fabulous readers left!

Now is the time of truth! Now is when we determine which one is actually better and why!!!

So, here's how the "votes" turned out:
Ulta: 5
Sephora: 2
Neither: 1
Both: 1

There you have it! According to my completely, non-scientific, random sampling survey TEAM ULTA WINS!!!!!


A lot of the factors were price, location, the variety of products and brands, the sales, coupons, etc. I could not more whole-heartedly agree! I wasn't actually sure if I could accurately vote since I've never even bought anything from Sephora; but I made sure I went in to the Sephora at the mall this past weekend so I could give a full opinion:)

I'm going to agree with what a lot of you said--Ulta is fab because it has both the high-end more expensive brands, but also a lot of the drug store brands. It's great that I can buy Urban Decay and Maybelline in the same building!

The sales--there is always SOMETHING on sale at Ulta! And there are always coupons for the store as well! I feel like I'm getting a bargain even if I do buy the more expesnive products.

Location--this is definitely a factor. I have an Ulta and a Sephora about the same distance away from me right now. The Ulta is in a shopping center/strip mall location (which I think is super conveineint) and Sephora is in the mall (which sometimes is a hassle since I've gotta walk the whole way thru the mall even if that's the only place I want to go). I also feel like Sephora is smaller and they cram in a whole bunch of stuff so that I feel overwhelmed and almost claustrophobic. Ulta, on the other hand, is open and beautiful with lots of room to move around and very well lit!

Nail Polish--I really didn't see a huge selection at Sephora (unless I just missed it). But I think Ulta has a more extensive and varied selection.

I'm not completely anti-Team Sephora, I've heard good things about their VIB program, and I think it's cool they give you a little gift for your birthday! So I'll probably look into it:)

For those of you who haven't been able to experience either of them (Marina;) I'm sorry you're missing out! But there is always online shopping ;)

Are you surprised at the results of the debate? Do you think Sally's or another store might win a competition against Ulta?


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