Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in my March Birch Box?

Hi Lovelies! I know last month I expressed much disinterest in Birchbox. It was only my first month, and I was about ready to cancel on the spot! However, I stuck it out another month and it was well worth it!

I still don't have *as* good of things to say about Birchbox as I do about Beauty Army. I still think overall Beauty Army has more quality products; much better customer service; and it's super cool you can choose your own samples! But Birchbox is still fun because they send more affordable, easier to buy products that I might actually purchase in every day life.

Birchbox had announced that in March it would have a Teen Vogue box in addition to it's regular monthly box, and you could choose which one you wanted. Okay, clearly I am no longer a teen, but I was so disappointed in last month's box, I requested a Teen Vogue one anyway just to see what it contained!

I, however, did not receive the Teen Vogue box... Not sure why, but that is okay!

Now, my one (and only) complaint with Beauty Army is that it takes soooo freaking long to get here! (not their fault, they ship from Cali and I'm in Florida; I understand that's a long distance lol) But Birchbox is only coming from New York, and it traveled pretty fast last month. When I got the shipping notification it said it would be at my house approximately on March 13th... On March 15th, I received my box. *sigh* I'm giving up expecting things and even looking at the tracking info; I'll just be surprised! hahaha

So here's what they sent me:

I won't go thru every item, 'cause I'm probably one of the last people to post about my box this month, but I do what to point out a few of the things I was really excited about!

The polish! It's Color Club Jackie Oh! and it is simply stunning!! I love, love, love pink! This hot pink I might not purchase on my own 'cause it's just sooo bright, but I will definitely be using it! I'm sooo excited to get it on my nails! Also, while it's a mini, it's the absolute perfect size polish!!

The Miss Jessies's Quick Curls! I have naturally wavy hair and especially in the hot summer months I really don't want to be blow drying--so anything that I can use to watch, scrunch, and go is good for me!:) It promises "no fuss" and "frizz free" and even claims "curly, wavy, & relaxed textures including white gals too!" So this is encouraging:)

I will be continuing with Birchbox to see what other fun surprises I get!:) What did you get in your Birchbox??


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