Thursday, March 29, 2012

Haul Time! Ulta and Walgreens!

So Lovelies, there was a community yard sale this past weekend in my neighborhood! For those of you who don't know what that is, basically the community advertises and if you want to set up shop in your front yard, have at it! There's a lot of traffic that comes through and it's a good time to get rid of unwanted junk stuff!

I set out some jewelry (thanks everyone who gives me earrings as gifts, but MY EARS ARE NOT PIERCED, so I'm trying to make some money on it lol), shoes, nail polish, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc. and actually made a good little bit of cash! So, it was time to boost the American economy and go shopping!:)

First stop was Ulta. Oh, Ulta, how I love thee. I didn't really go for anything specific, just did a little browsing and left with the following:
1.) The China Glaze Magnetix polish in Drawn To You
2.) The Magnetix Magnet (sidenote, really?? $10 for each?! Can't there be some bargain deal or something! I suppose the bright side is, you won't need to buy it again with other magnetic polishes, but still...)
3.) Piggy Polish in Envy (for my Skittles Mani;)
4.) Orly polish in Out of This World (which to me looks slightly similar to Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl. Curious to see how they compare in swatches!)
5.) A new bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (yes, I already have some; but I had the extra money and thought I'd pick up another; this is not something you want to run out of at an inopportune time!)
6.) Revlon Lip Butters in Sugar Plum and Gum Drop. (yes, I tried lip butter before; yes, I really didn't like it. But I've read some other reviews of girls who also didn't like Strawberry Shortcake [the one I had] and tried some other flavors and liked it better. Soooo, Revlon, I'm giving you a second chance. Plus it was buy one get one 50% off!) And I got to use my $3.50 off $10 or more coupon! I think all together I saved $7.25!! Yay! Bargain!:)

Then, I had to run to Walgreens. While there, I wandered through the makeup section (honestly, I could be at Walgreens for ANYTHING, medicine, tampons, a card, whatever; I always have to walk thru their makeup. I think that's why they put it so close to the front door, they know everyone will;)

You may recall during Christmas time I was obsessed with the Sinful Colors Extra Shiny Lipgloss and had to go to a couple different Walgreens to find them. Well! There's a limited edition *new* Sinful Colors lip gloss out there now! Lip Shine Lip Gloss--and they're all super glittery! I picked up the one that looked silvery called Crystallized! I hope when I do my full review I'll be able to get good enough pictures to show all the glitter! This was a dollar more than the regular lip glosses in December, so I'm hoping I'll love it as much or more!:)

Anyway, I picked up that and also got a new Sally Hansen Nail Art pen. My last white one went kinda crazy with my Skittles nails. Started leaking all over the place and whatnot!:( Now, at some point I want to do a whole comparison review of the Sally Hansen pens versus my Migi Nail Art pens... if you have opinions on the two, leave them in the comments!!:)

Have you done any shopping lately?? Picked up any new bargains?? And what do *you* think of Revlon lip butters?? I know they've been released in the UK now, so you British girls should even have an opinion!!:)


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