Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a BIG day today!!

Hi Lovelies!! So today is kind of a monumental moment!! Today is my six month bloggiversary!!! Yes, six months ago today was my first every blog post! (please don't go back and read it; lol, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing at the time hahaha)

But! Here I am! Half a year later and still doing it!!! This is a big deal because sometimes I take up a "new hobby"' and get bored doing it.. or feel like I'm not very good at it... (knitting for instance! I was all about doing that and made EVERYONE in my family a scarf for Christmas! hahaha. But I never learned anything other than the regular garter stitch so I got frustrated and stopped...) (Or basketball! I tried that my sophomore year of high school and was horrrrrible at it. hahah Since I wasn't "good" at it, I never played again.) Bottom line, I'm not very good at sticking with things (commitment issues? lol)

ANYWAY, so it's actually a pretty huge accomplishment that I'm still doing this. As many of you who also blog know, there are definitely highs and lows in this arena... highs when your page views keep going up and you gain followers... lows when it feels like nobody is even accidentally visiting your page! Highs when you have huge lists of things to review and write about... lows when you have "writers block" and don't feel like blogging at all. *sigh* We've all been there. But I stuck with it.

And you stuck with me! To those of you who have been with me since the beginning and to those of you who just joined me, thank you so much! Thank you for reading! Thank you for commenting! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for retweeting! Thank you for caring! Thank you for becoming some of the best virtual friends a girl could ever ask for!

Also this week, I hit 100 followers! Yay yay!! (I think I'm up to 103!) I don't know how you all found me, but I'm glad you have! I never imagined this many people would want to read what I write, so this means so much to me:) I hope that I will continue to keep you educated, enlightened, and more than anything entertained:) The moment blogging is no longer fun for me, I know my blog will  no longer be fun for you:)

I'm looking to hopefully re-vamp my whole blog as I start this new chapter (any people good with graphic design that wants to help??;). And also, trying to decide what to do to celebrate my 100 followers! (giveaway? contest? offering an autographed picture of myself? lol jk hahahaha)

Anyhow, seriously, thank you everyone for being here! I hope to have many more celebrations in the future here!!:)


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