Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nail Challenge Week 18: Cartoon Mani

Hi Lovelies!! It's time for another weekly nail challenge!!! I have to say, this is probably one I've been most excited about lately. CARTOON MANI!!! Who didn't grow up watching cartoons?? There were so many wonderful ones when I was growing up! Strawberry Shortcake... Care Bears... My Little Pony... Smurfs... *sigh* The good old days. And who watched Animaniacs??? Omg, such smart, witty humor. Loved them:)

Anyway, my nails are pretty small and it would be hard to draw anything too dramatic. So, I decided for this challenge it was time to turn to my stamps! Lo and behold, on Shany Plate SH08 I have  a stamp that looks just like Hello Kitty! (I don't think it's the real one because they'd have to pay for the rights or something, but a knock off Hello Kitty on a Knock off Konad plate works for me;)

The polishes I used were:

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes (from the Hunger Games collection), Sinful Colors 24/7, Konad White, and Sinful Colors nail art glitter.

I got the 24/7 for only 99 cents! Super excited about that. When I swatched it, I was surprised to see that it's actually a matte hot pink! You know fluorescent colors are very in this season, so I was excited about that, but even more to have the matte dimension added to it!

So after two coats of the 24/7, I used SH08 plate with the Konad polish and stamped the Hello Kitty onto each nail. I then did some tips with the Smoke and Ashes and a thin line of glitter. After a Seche Vite Top Coat (which then removed the matte and made them all shiny again;) Here is the finished result!

I love how bright and cheery they look! What about you? What was your favorite cartoon growing up? What cartoon would you do on your nails??:)


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