Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Trendsetter Baby Barettes

Hey lovelies! So it's week two in my Throwback Thursday series! Yay! And this is the first week I'm inviting all of you to join it! It's super duper simple. All you have to do is add your link to your Throwback Thursday post (not just your blog, the actual post so we can see yours!) and voila! Done. Sure, you can go ahead and follow my blog (GFC, HelloCotton, Bloglovin, whatever) or my Twitter or my Facebook, blah blah blah. But I don't care; if you want to participate, by all means DO SO!:) (*note, it's for Thursday, but I'll run it from 6pm on Wednesday nights to 6pm Fridays:)

I'm very excited about sharing a picture with you today! But first a few things, back when I was younger (and you can tell by the picture--skinnier lol) I had this insane thought that I could somehow start trends. Like, I was convinced that if I used something for a long enough period and could make it look "cool" others would start doing it. THEN it would be a nationwide or worldwide event! And I'd be like, Oh, yes, that was *me* that started that.

Hahaha, I'm not really sure I can claim any one thing actually did come from me, but...

What I'm sharing with you today is something I was convinced would actually catch on.

Baby Barrettes! Now first off, what girl didn't have like a million of these plastic things when she was a little girl? Maybe it was 'cause my mom was just lazy at doing my hair, lol, but almost every picture of me from age 6 and below, I had these in my hair!

When I was... oh about... Nineteen or so, I decided that baby barrettes needed a comeback! Lots of girls were using bobby pins or whatever to pin their hair back, but why not DO IT WITH STYLE??

The summer of 2003, nearly every day, I wore baby barrettes in my hair. Oh and I had ALL of them. Bows, bunnies, teddy bears, THE DAYS OF THE WEEK ONES! Omg, those were my favorite.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better! This was also the year I was OBSESSED with the zigzag part. I would spend sooo much time with my rat-tail comb in the bathroom trying to get it just right... the section goes right.. that section goes left, a little over top... this section right again...

It was like a science. That I would occasionally master.

Now, I do believe that Walmart and Target both saw gross increase in baby barrette sales that year* and I'm pretty sure it was because of me:)

Maybe I should try this trend again? Things come back every 10 years or so right? ;)

Your turn! Show me some of the fun, crazy, or just plain sad fashion and beauty things you tried back in the day!!:)

* ~ I totally made this up; there is NO statistical data to support this fact. But it's what I like to tell myself;) hahahahahha


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