Monday, May 28, 2012

Let me introduce you to my friend, ARGAN

Hello! I hope all you lovely Americans are having an amazing Memorial Day and are taking a moment to remember all the fallen service members who fought and are fighting for our freedoms. And I hope all you international lovelies are having a simply fabulous May 28th!!;)

Today I wanted to quickly tell you about my LATEST OBSESSION. OMG, I really think I could become addicted to this stuff. But before I get right into it, have you heard of Argan Oil?? Basically, it's oil that comes from the kernel of a tree in Morocco. It used to be harvested out of goat poo (ew, I know), but there's a newer (cleaner?) way to do it now by pressing the kernels. Anyhow, it has high amounts of Vitamin E and fatty acids that are known to fix a bunch of skin issues. The other super cool part is that the pure oil comes from Morocco and is harvested by women! Like it's this whole women's cooperative thing that allows them to work and be involved in the fair trade industry! How could you be against something that helps other women, right??:)

Read more about Argan oil here.
clearly, I was a fan ;)
Anyway, I'd kind of heard of it before, but it wasn't until I started Beauty Army and I got to try BABOR Argan Cream. (which, p.s. is like $125 for a very small amount). I LOVED IT. It feels different than other moisturizers.... I don't want to say it leaves you slimy.. 'cause that sounds bad and it is definitely *not* slimy... but like, it's light and it makes your skin just feel very smooth...

So! Let us fast forward to a couple weekends ago when I was at the mall and meandered my way into LUSH. The fabulous salesman asked me if I'd tried Ro's Argan yet? No, I hadn't, but wait a minute, did you say ARGAN? Sign me up! So he took me to the sink to have my try this (amazing fabulous must have) product he was trying to sell me! (and he didn't have to try hard! This stuff sells itself!)
Basically, it's like conditioner for your skin. You know how you're supposed to put conditioner in your hair and leave it in for a while to allow it to really get into your hair? Same way this stuff is! So during your shower (after you're clean;) you rub some of this on to your skin and leave it. It feels a lot like regular lotion, but softer... almost like... butter that's been sitting out for a while... you know that really soft almost mush-able consistency? So it sits on you skin for just a few moments (he said 30 seconds.. I usually do about a minute) then rinse off and it is AMAZING! Like, it feels like you have just lathered your body in lotion! And you did it all in the shower!

Now, before I get too far ahead of myself, I wanted to tell you about the smell. It's kind of a unique smell to try to describe. It's called "Ro's" Argan because of the person who invented/created it, but also it's supposed to smell like "Roses"... and it does! But in a more softer, romantic way. Like, it reminds me of an old smell... not an old moth-ball kind of smell... but an old vintage smell... like the way I imagine my Nana would've smelled in the 1940's when she met my PopPop at the USO, ya know? It's not super flowery.. it's just... pretty. And the craziest thing is how the smell lingers! I catch myself sniffing my arms throughout the day because it is just such a beautiful smell!
I wish this could be a scented picture!
Another fabulous perk of it? Okay, ladies, let's be honest. After shaving, how many of us put lotion on our legs and have that excruciating burning feeling! And the bumps! Ah, the misery! This doesn't do that. Oh, you read that right, this doesn't burn AT ALL! I exfoliate, shave, put this on, rinse it off... my legs look like I just stepped out of a shaving gel commercial on TV. You know, with that light little shine? A-Maz-Ing. It's like a miracle product, it really is.

So the negative? Not a huge negative for some, but here it is. I got the "sample" size (to see if I really liked it and it was worth the money) for $5.95 for 1.5 ounces. The full size is 8.4 ounces for $29.95... not HORRIBLY expensive, but a little pricey for what it is, because I'm honestly not sure how long that size would last. A lot of it will depend on how often you use it, how much you use, etc. I've started doing it just on my legs because I want to make it last longer lol... and it's hard to know how much to use since you have to scoop it out...

...but let's not kid ourselves. If I have an extra $30 lying around, I probably will buy this again. And I bet if you try it, you would want to buy it too:)

Have you tried anything with Argan oil in it? Have you seen Ro's Argan at your local LUSH? Have you tried it? I highly encourage that you do;)


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