Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel

Hey Lovelies! I don't know about you, but I've had dark-ish undereye circles for as long as I can remember! Not horrible it-looks-like-I-got-punched-in-the-eyeball dark circles, just a little discoloration like I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while (hmm? Perhaps that is it?? lol)

As I've gotten older, I also know how much care I need to care for that skin around my eye area--you know wrinkles will probably be there soon!:(

I've tried several different eye cream products (and I need to do a review on some other the other ones I tried and liked... or didn't like:) but I was super excited when I got this little jar in my Glossybox!

Here's what it claims:
Refreshed, beautiful eyes no matter what the issue -- lacking sleep, have the pregnancy "puff", working too hard or just on a mission to improve your eye area! Cucumber is a natural coolant that really fights swelling and puffiness - there's a reason spas place them on eyes! The antioxidants in Green Tea battle free radicals from the environment that cause damage to the skin and lead to aging. This gel is an ideal boost to your anti-aging routine, the Cucumber - Tea combo smoothes fine lines and improves skin tone. Keep in the fridge for an even greater, intense, cooling pop.

It's definitely a gel not a cream.. It has a consistency like aloe vera and has a smell a little like Vick's vapor rub... It's kind of sticky, but feels refreshing as soon as you put it on. Now, I don't use it during the day, I just put it on every night before bed so that my eyes will wake up looking refreshed!:)

It's also supposed to be really good for pregnant women and new mom's! So that's exciting!!:)
The basq line received Frommer's prestigious World's Best Maternity Skin care award!

basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel has been highlighted as a make-up artist favorite in Fit Pregnancy and Readers Choice Winner in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine. Basq recently received an iParenting Award for 2010!

The big questions! Did it work as claimed? And would I repurchase? Eh... it worked in the sense that my eyes did feel refreshed when I'd put it on... but when I'd sleep with it on, I'd wake up with a little sticky residue around my eyes... not a huge deal, but a little irritating. I probably wouldn't repurchase it. It's $24 and I think I can find a product that works better for me for less money. But! Since it was sent to me in my Glossbox (for free, which btw does not affect my opinion:) I will definitely continue to use this product!:)

Have you tried this product? Do you have a favorite eye gel/cream?


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