Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Encouragement for Friends (and Strangers;)

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to write a super quick note to share a couple things with you! For those of you that missed my SUPER HUGE GIGANTIC SURPRISING NEWS of yesterday, I was featured as an Editor's Pick on!! I'm not sure exactly what this means, or how they determine it, but apparently I was noticed and they decided to spotlight my blog! (yay!) What it meant to me was some extra page views, some new followers (hi everyone!!;) and some kind comments from some sweet people who probably wouldn't have found me otherwise.

If you're a blogger and think no one is reading your blog and no one cares what you have to say, THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE! The Internet is a crazy thing that anyone IN THE WORLD can see what you have to say! There are people that will agree, will disagree, will like you, will hate you, etc. but what you say DOES MATTER!!

You may not have a hundred followers over night.... you may not have a hundred followers ever... you may get four hundred followers in a month and be a huge sensation! You just never know, but there a couple things I've learned:

Promote yourself! You are your own best advertisement! Be active on Twitter, Facebook, whatever social media venue you choose. Tell people about your blog. Invite them to see what you have to say. Encourage them to be a part of it. Reach out to them!

Put yourself out there! There are sooo many different sites you can join and advertise your blog (Blog Train, BlogUpp, Bloggers, just to name a few). They work!

Tell people in real life, too! I keep my blog business cards with me at all times because you never know when someone is going to talk about your nail art, your makeup, or anything else that can lead into a conversation about your blog!

And most importantly, blog because it's what you love and it's what YOU want to do. Don't base it on ANYONE ELSE or you'll struggle the entire time to please others and you won't have any fun at all! Please don't focus on the numbers or if anyone is reading; people will stumble upon you when you least expect it:)

And that concludes this edition of advice from Kristen lol. What have you found is the best way to advertise your blog? What is your favorite thing about blogging? How do you feel about people who try to get followers by any of the following means: follow for follow back; gaining followers just by hosting giveaways; getting people to retweet that they need X number of followers to get to XXX number?


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