Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday: What Were You Watching?:)

Hi lovelies! It's time for another edition of FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!!! Yaaaaay!!! This really isn't fashion or beauty related; but when I found out about this earlier this week, I just knew it was something I wanted to write about and share with you all!

There have been *many* coming of age shows in the past: Facts of Life, Wonder Years, My So-Called Life, 90210, Party of Five, etc. And depending on when you were born and when you were growing up--really when you hit those pivotal teenage years--determines which show you could *really* relate to when all those hard life issues started coming up!

I'm not sure what show it really is for kids these days... Secret Life of an American Teenager? Glee? One Tree Hill? hmm...

Anyway, every once in a while, I see what's new on my Netflix account... On Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised to find *my* coming of age show!

What joy! What excitement! I used to watch this show alllll the time; I really grew up with the characters since I was the same age they were when the show started. I loved the dialogue... I believe back when it came out there was a lot of controversy over that because critics said that no teenagers spoke with so many words and so many BIG words. I didn't care; I loved it.

There was always drama, conflict, love, confusion.... they broached topics that still weren't that prevalent on TV for young people--sex, homosexuality, etc...

And while I was never really obsessed with Dawson or Pacey... I always wanted to be as pretty as Joey. *sigh* And Katie Holmes is still one of the prettiest people out there (in my mind).

Anyway! It's on Netflix streaming! If you haven't watched it before, watch it. If you loved it when you were younger, you'll love it now!;) I'm only a few episodes in, and there are parts I definitely remember and parts that feel new to me. And you know how there are some shows you thought were soooo awesome when you were younger and now they seem kinda dumb? (Full House, Saved by the Bell lol. Okay, that one is still awesome, but it seems different to me hahahaha). Dawson's Creek still seems real to me... if that makes sense..

If for nothing else, enjoy some of the FLASHBACK-ness of it. Not gonna lie, I've already seen overalls and butterfly clips. HAHAHAHA.

What are some of your favorite old school shows?? What do you consider your "coming of age" show? Did you ever watch Dawson's Creek??
P.S. Just realized that for those of you who have never watched Dawson's Creek, I didn't even really explain it to you! Well! To avoid having this post get too super long, I'd encourage you to read about it here on Wikipedia if you want all the details!:)


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