Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday: Butterfly Clips

Hi Lovelies! So Throwback Thursday is Flashback Friday again this week lol. For those of you who haven't seen one of my posts like this, here's how it works: I post some pix and talk about some fabulous or silly or horrid makeup or fashion trend I took part in back in the day. I encourage other bloggers to share some pictures and/or stories too and link up in the link below so that we can all reminisce (or laugh or cry) about some of the things we used to do! There's no real rules. If you want to follow me, follow me (there are several options to your right --->); if you don't want to (why not??? lol) then don't. Just put your link to your Flashback Friday post in the linky and check out some others!

So this week! Who remembers butterfly clips?? OMG these were all the rage for a while. They were basically just mini hair clips made of plastic and shaped like butterflies. A lot of times they were really cheap (and cheaply made! lol) so that if you squeezed too hard opening them, they'd just crack. Or if you put too much hair in them to hold, they'd break! And they wouldn't just kind of break... like the spring would pop out, the metal piece would fall down. It was a mess.

And how would one wear these? You could put one on each side of your head to hold back bangs or sides of your hair, you could put just one on one side. OR! (and I soooo wish I had a picture of this!) You'd twist little sections of your hair back and have 4-6 clips the whole way over your head--almost like a headband--like that same section of your head. That's how I usually wore mine (didn't everyone??) which is why it's so unbelievable (and sad!) I couldn't find any pix of me like that!

But I do have a couple pictures to show you when I used a butterfly clip on each side of my head. The nice thing about them was they never had to match. Like, the more varieties of colors you had, the better it looked!
Ta-da! So there's your fun walk down my memory lane today! Did you use butterfly clips? Do you remember how many you had? Did you have some other clips that were similar? (like what were those banana clip things?? Probably more from the 80s than the 90s...) Share your link below!:)


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