Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nail Challenge Week 20: Bow Mani

Hi Lovelies! I promise I actually did this mani  last week when it was time; I just haven't gotten around to posting it 'til now!

So this (well last, lol) week's challenge was for a bow mani. Bows! That could be almost anything! Hairbows, bowtie, rainbows... etc. I knew I'd be able to draw bows on my left hand nails with my right hand, but I was really doubting my left hand skills to do my right hand nails lol. Soooo I went to my ever faithful stamp book to see if I had any bow stamps!

I was in luck! Yay! So after a base coat and two coats of Sinful Colors Pink Cream, I did a quick stamping on each finger with my Shany Plate and Konad polish. For a little extra spin on it, I finished with Hard Candy's Matte top coat!

Now, the matte gave it a fun and unique feel (I'm really starting to like more polishes matte now! It's unexpected:) but I noticed it really faded/made the stamping polish run/disappear a bit. It was kinda weird... But anyway, here is the finished product!

And there it is! After I did the first hand stamp across the tips, I decided to do it more angled on my other hand. If I used this stamp again, I think I'd do it diagonal. It's just a fun look--almost lacy-like!

So have you done a bow mani? What kind of bows would you have done?


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