Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Young is TOO Young for Makeup??

Hi Lovelies! Do you remember when you first started wearing makeup? Was it a big to-do with your mom unveiling her coveted makeup collection and teaching you how to do it? Or was it more like mine where each year I'd get to incorporate a new item to my routine?

I was always allowed to wear lip gloss (and there were Bonne Bell lip smackers all over my room lol). But when I was about twelve, my mom let me get my first ever "compact" which was a little pressed powder and mirror from Wet 'n Wild. I felt so grown up! And it was only powder!

In 8th grade (I was thirteen) I was able to start wearing lipstick which was a more teenage version of lipgloss;) (still Bonne Bell lol).

In 9th and 10th grade I got eyeshadow and eyeliner... as long as I didn't make myself look like a whore (my parents never used the word "whore" but I knew there were reasons my dad didn't want me wearing crazy blue shadow). Wanna guess what brand I was using? lol. Bonne Bell (seriously, the best makeup for younger women!;)

Mascara and blush came about in college and only recently have I started wearing foundation on a regular basis.

So is there any right or wrong time to start using makeup? How do you feel about tween girls wearing makeup?

geoGiRL decided that the 8-12 year old girl market needed some makeup products! They produced all the basics--powder, eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye liner, and even some facial masks! All natural/mineral products that wouldn't be clogging pores or causing any rash or skin abnormalities. Or so was the plan.

There was an outrage of parental concern! Girls are too young! They have their whole lives to mess with makeup, why start so early? What is this teaching them? Does it say "you're not pretty enough on your own, you need help for others to like you"?

This is the first of a few posts about geoGiRL, more to follow; but for now, tell me what you think!:) How do you feel about tweens wearing makeup? If you have/had a daughter, would you let her wear makeup? At what age? What products? How old were you?

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