Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Sugar Boutique--my new fave store!:)

Happy Weekend, Lovelies! There are few things I love more than cosmetics and beauty products... I mean, I would pretty much choose lip gloss over water if it came down to it (slight exaggeration... very slight...) ANYWAY, one thing that can win me over more than a good makeup product would be baked goods... *sigh*... cake... donuts... brownies... It's probably psychological and remind me of summers of baking with my Grandma growing up (my Grandma, who forever still made her very own whipped cream with an old-fashioned egg-beater by hand. DELISH!)

So when I saw the storefront of a store that sold soaps and candles in the shape of baked goods??? Oh yes, this was something I was definitely interested in!
The Sugar Boutique has so many amazing things, it's hard for me to even know where to start! So let me tell you how I even ended up there. The shop is in the same plaza as Ulta (which, as you may or may not know, I visit quite frequently;) and I'd walked past the store many times, but had never gone in. It wasn't open; I was in a rush; I was with a boy who didn't want to go in; etc. I finally went in last Friday and it was almost a life-changing experience!

The first table, in front of the window (seen above) is full of slices of soap that look like they're out of cakes, pies, whatever. They honestly look good enough to eat! Continue walking around the store is a whole rack of the cutest little soaps with some amazing scents. I picked up a Cinnabon one (what can I say? Baked goods are my weakness! Even just the smell of them! Fewer calories;)
Moving on from the soaps, I was completely distracted with the cupcake candles....
....and candles that look like sundaes....
Yum! A little further around the store there was a little sink with a basket of soaps and a sign that said "try me"... well, don't mind if I do;)

By this time, I started chatting with Melanie, the owner, about the history of the business... how she makes the soaps.. etc. I was pleased to learn that she uses natural high quality oils in all of the soaps and that the majority of her customers are men! I thought it was for gifts, but she said it's more because since bar soap isn't sold anymore a lot of men still want/need the bar soap for cleansing, shaving, etc.

I had noticed that a lot of her soaps promised to solve common skin problems--eczema, acne, etc. So I brought up my arms and my keratosis pilaris, did she have something for that?? It turns out, she did!
She directed me to the honey soap! Made with all natural ingredients, as well as honey, it promised to cure many skin ailments! I picked up the small flower shaped soap and she threw in a complimentary loofah as she explained how to wash with it. (that full review to come soon!)

I spent some more time with her, just amazed at all the special trinkets in her store. As well as all the soaps and candles, there's also the cutest aprons and jewelry! It's a perfect Kristen store!!:)

I will definitely be going back to purchase more soap and probably some candles too! I mean, how could you pass up anything that looks this good???;)
As if all that wasn't good enough (gorgeous handmade all natural products, in a super cute shop, run by an amazingly fabulous woman) it is also supporting local business! And who doesn't want to do that? So if you're in the Tampa area, you definitely need to stop by sometime within the next 30 days or so (she's closing down this location to move to a new one where she'll also be able to offer soap making classes--super excited about that!) Lots of great sales right now as she sells out the merchandise so there's less to move!

If you're not in the Tampa area, don't worry! She has an online store that she'll be running and continue to make soap in her home! (I'm so grateful for this; I was afraid I was going to get hooked on a product and have to wait a long time before getting more!;)

Make sure you check her out on Facebook and let her know that I sent you:)

(All photos used from Sugar Boutique Website and Facebook page)

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