Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Operation Sunblock--Help Protect Those Protecting Us:)

Lovelies! Hello!!! All day today I thought it was Wednesday.... however... it's still only Tuesday... *sigh* Does anyone else feel like the weekends go by a million times faster than the weekdays???:-/

Anyway, I have something super fun/exciting to share with you today! My friend Amy is a Mary Kay consultant and has teamed up with Soldiers' Angels for a very special cause--Operation Sunblock.

Operation Sunblock is all about protecting those who are serving our nation to protect US. They often work long hours out in the sun and may not have the proper protection--but you can help with that!

Here's how it works: go to Amy's Mary Kay Sun Protection site and put the 50 SPF sunscreen and lip protector in your cart (feel free to buy anything else while you're there! Might I suggest the Satin Lips Mask and Balm set [which I personally *love*] or the Whipped Berries Creme Lipstick [another MK favorite of mine;)]) Anyway, once you're done shopping, you can check out with a credit card or have Amy contact you to pay with cash or check to mail her.

When she processes the order, you will only be charged $20 for the sunscreen and lip protector (and of course charged for anything else you buy:). The sun kit you "sponsored" for the troops will be sent to them AND all the money made from sponsoring the kits will go to Soldier's Angels so they get the even more sun protection products! Yay!

But wait! There's more! ;) *YOU* get a $10 gift certificate just for sponsoring a sun care kit! Win for you!:)

But wait! There's more! (clearly infomercials are my true calling lol;) This is also TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you'll receive a tax receipt with your gift certificate!

So there you have it! I have a lot of friends who are in the military and a lot of friends that have been deployed. You probably can't even imagine HOW HOT it gets over in places like Afghanistan. For all they sacrifice and give for us, the least we can do is help protect them from sunburns and skin cancer:)

This offer only lasts 'til Friday, June 29, 2012! Let's try to help Amy meet her goal of sending 100 kits to the troops!

Operation Mary Kay info
The March House (Amy's Blog)

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