Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's your Klout? What is it getting you?

Hi Lovelies! How many of you have heard about Klout? How many of you know your Klout score? How many of you like to get free things because you are an influential person?

As long as you answered yes to one of those questions (preferably the last lol) you will appreciate this post!

Klout is a website that monitors your activity on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and determines how influential you are. I don't know all the math and algorithm parts, but they go by how many times you're mentioned on Twitter; how often you're retweeted; how many comments you get on Facebook, etc etc.

Klout also determines what topics you are influential in. Some things it automatically detects; some things you can add yourself; and some things other people add for you (people that are your "influencers" or those "influenced" by you.) Klout doesn't always get it right. When I first joined, Klout said I was influential about "dolls"... hmm. I had deleted it, but it somehow has shown back up! Not gonna lie, I had a number of dolls when I was younger; and truth be told, if it were socially acceptable, I'd probably still play with Barbie dolls on occasion... lol But how am I influential about dolls? The world my never know...

Anyway! Based on your score, different companies/organizations often offer "perks" through Klout! I've been fortunate to receive a couple of these lately and wanted to share them with you! (I've yet to receive any free dolls. Apparently I'm not influential enough in that category yet;)

First was some tea from Lipton!
I got a number of these sample packs which have the one serving powder packs that you can dump in a bottle of water, shake up, and voila! Flavorful tea! Each packet came with a coupon so I can buy even more of them!:) The flavor I got was Mango Pineapple and I was a little nervous about it, because I'm really not a fan of mango. In fact, mango is probably my least favorite fruit (though really, I think it's more the texture/consistency I don't like than the flavor. Same thing with avocado! I *love* guacamole, but actual avocado? The texture disgusts me lol) Back to the tea! I was hoping I would've gotten one of the other flavors to try, but I've got to tell you... this Mango Pineapple tea is DELISH! It tastes very sweet and tropical! Definitely a nice change from plain water:) I would recommend this product and will probably buy it for myself (since I have so many coupons now! lol)

The other product I recently received from Klout was a bottle of Essie polish! (yay for being influential in nails!;)

It's a full size bottle from the new Summer 2012 line! There were so many fab colors in this collection, and I was somewhat disappointed I got the green one. I feel silly even typing that; how can I be disappointed with something I got for free, ya know?

The color is called Mojito Madness, and truth be told, I actually really love it. I have very few green polishes (and the only ones I have are because I needed one for my Skittles Mani and I have the green one from the Hunger Games collection because I wanted to have them all lol) But I am so thankful Klout sent this to me because it got me out of my comfort zone. I used this polish in my Rainbow mani this week, and I can actually see myself painting my nails this color as a solid mani some time too!

So, dear friends, go to Klout. Sign up! Link your social media accounts! Add me as an influencer! (okay, that part is optional lol;) And start getting free stuff!!!

Have you gotten any Klout perks yet? Have you tried the new summer colors from Essie? Do you have a favorite? Do you like sweet tea?

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