Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guess who's back.. back again... ;)

Well hello, Lovelies! And long time no talk!! My goodness, it feels like it has been FOR-EV-ER since I blogged! I'm sure many of you have been very concerned and wondering if I died! LOL I did not. I was actually on vacation for about a week and a half during the week of 4th of July. It was a great time away from home and I got to see my friend Emily who moved to Atlanta last year! It was great to actually see the Woodsy View about which she writes her blog:)

Coming back to work was a struggle. I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation before returning! So things have just been super busy and stressful trying to get back into the swing of things. You know how they say it takes like 30 days to build a habit and only 3 (or something) to break it? That's kind of what happened. Since I got out of the habit of blogging, it was easier to just stop it than to sit down and make the time for it.

Sooooo that brings us up to now! Starting this coming week I'm going to have more posts for you! I can't wait to show you last week's nail challenge and how I did it (the gradient nails! Finally mastered it!;); I have my new Beauty Army kit which has some pretty cool stuff in it; I got my very first sponsor! So I can't wait to share with you all about her and what she has to offer. I've got some Tag posts I've been putting off that I need to get to. AND Arielle and I are going to be hosting a blog hop VERY SOON! This is a huge endeavor that she and I are both super excited about!

So thanks to all of you who have been patiently standing by waiting for my return! Hopefully I'll be back to having posts nearly every day VERY SOON!

Catch me up on what's been going on in your lives for the past couple weeks!!:)

P.S. Can anyone name what song my title came from?? ;)

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