Monday, October 1, 2012

Battle of the BB Creams: L'oreal Paris

Hi Lovelies! Wow, it feels weird (but good) to finally be blogging again! So without further ado, let us jump right back in! I've decided to do a quick mini-series I'm titling, "Battle of the BB Creams." I know, I know, BB Creams have been here in America forever now, but let's be honest, I have like three months of blogging to catch up on, so bear with me;)

The first one I tried was L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier which promises: "This multi-tasking beautifying cream delivers multiple beautifying actions: hydrates, corrects, evens, and protects. It's ultra-lightweight and blends in seamlessly for a perfect natural finish. Available in 4 skin-transforming shades."

So a few notes on that description before I share my review, some people have complained that it's only in four shades (fair, light, medium, deep). I'm not sure why L'oreal chose to do only four, but I'm definitely fair skinned so it wasn't an issue to me. This is also one of the few (only?) BB Creams that goes on white and blends in to your skin. Supposedly the little beads in it help make it match your skin color! It did feel kinda weird going on with the tiny beads--almost like how St. Ives Apricot Scrub feels lol. But not AS rough.
first squeezed onto skin

starting to rub in

fully blended!

Now, let's go step by step in what they promise.
1.) Hydrates--sadly, my face actually felt a little dry when I was using it. Not sooo dry that my skin was peeling or anything, but it just wasn't as creamy as my face usually is when I use my normal moisturizer. Kind of a bust:(
2.) Corrects--this is true, to a point. My skin is mostly clear (thought pregnancy hormones have caused a breakout here and there), but I do have a  little red blotchiness on my cheeks. This BB cream did cover up those areas with little trouble. However, it only lasted 'til about mid-day and then my skin was looking like it did before. Eh, not a huge deal, this is just a BB cream and not an actual foundation:)
3.) Evens--I'd say the same comments as I did for correct. It did even out my skintone, but I just didn't feel like it lasted as long as I would've liked.
4.) Protects--I'm not sure exactly what they're saying this protects from or against because  this is one of the few BB creams that does not have any sunscreen in it...

Bottom line? The more I used it, the more I started to like it (I've been using it for about a month); but for nearly $10, I really do not plan on buying it again.

Have you tried L'oreal's Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream yet?? What did you think??

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